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C.A.P - Christians against Poverty

At CAP, we’re passionate about releasing New Zealanders from debt, poverty and its causes.




That’s because poverty causes isolation, shame and fear. And it robs people of their dreams and hope for the future.

So by working with the church, we bring hope that today will get better and the future will be brighter; we offer freedom from the chains of debt, poverty and its causes; and we share the good news that there is a God who loves and values each individual, and that there is a community to walk alongside and advocate for people every step of the way.

Together, with hundreds of employees, volunteers, church partners and financial supporters up and down New Zealand, we are changing this nation, one precious life at a time.

Here at the Gospel chapel we run two of the courses avaliable;

* CAP Money - please contact Alvyn & Heather Schick - 07-883-5608

* CAP Release - please contact Kent CrawfordCell: 020 4067 7978


The 3-session course helps you identify how you spend your money and prioritise the things that are important to you. You’ll learn to live well within your means, manage or prevent debt, and save for your future, all by using a simple, cash-based system that really works.

Whether you're facing a reduced income, self-employed, well-off or after some help with your finances, this course is for you! 


Over 8 weeks, you’ll gain the knowledge, practical tools and one-to-one coaching you need to overcome your dependency. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to receive support and friendship from people who are fighting to break their own habits, as well.

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